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splitlegend's Journal

7 June
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Turned onto reading at age five--bible stories given as punishment for stealing candy--Brent devours all books, but really appreciates Fantasy.

He works in the PR profession, but would easily say goodbye if he could write "real" fiction full-time.

Brent has always appreciated the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy, counting The Empire Strikes Back and Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass as his favorite movie and book, respectively.

Brent currently lives in a Kansas City suburb with his wife, two children, and their mutt Monty, though he perpetually mourns the recent passing of his Siberian Husky Durham of whom Range is largely based. He has been known to wage lightsaber battles with his son, drink at least two cups of coffee before heading to the gym, leave accidental messages of himself singing on his friends' phones, and hide from the world at the local bookstore isolating himself with his iPod.